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Structure Cabling

Network cabling is essential to a data center. It must supply not only TCP/IP connectivity, but connectivity to Storage Area Networks (SAN) as well. Storage systems are becoming increasingly "network aware" devices. Whether this has to do with managing storage through TCP/IP networks or with using these devices on SANs, the requirements of the network cabling shall be flexible and scalable.

Most of these requirements can be met using copper cabling systems and multi-mode fibre. However, some single-mode fibre might also be needed to support WAN requirements. TechXact shall provide the complete design and understanding what equipment shall go where and knowing the cabling requirements of each piece of equipment is integral to building data centers.

KUC is both experienced and reliable as a premier cabling contractor. Our certified RCDD, Certified Network Specialist and BICSI Technicians work as team to bring the latest structured cabling standards (EIA/TIA 568A/A) and fiber optic cabling technologies to our customers.

As a data contractors, IT service provider, and network integrator we provide structured data cabling contractor installations, fiber optic cable installations to our customers.

KUC provides design and installation of structured cabling, equipment installation and maintenance, voice & data networking, as well as staging and deployment. KUC is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in installing cable plant nationwide for almost any type of application. Voice, video, data, security and wireless are among the applications we have enabled through our installations.

KUC common sense approach looks at not only your immediate applications but also takes into account future applications, future growth of your organization and possible technology changes which could impact your cabling needs.

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