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Hardware & Network Solution

Network Solution

We are new company that has emerged from the division of an IT consulting company with nearly a decade of experience. However, our innovative approach will change the way your company looks at technical support.

Kuwait United Co. operates primarily as a remote technical assistance provider. We do visit your site when necessary, but our program is specially geared to reduce the number of visits we have to make to your company.

KUC can save your company money in costly repairs and frequent on-site service calls. We can fix remotely what other providers must come on-site to manage. We have around the clock monitoring in order to catch problems before they cost you money! Our software can predict potential failures and avoid that catastrophic failure.

How does we work?

First, we conduct a thorough technical evaluation of your systems. We make sure that we understand all the information necessary to maintain and support your systems.

Next, we perform and in-depth health assessment of each of your systems. Our very one HealthRank system enables us to rank each piece of equipment based on over 100 data points which include age, warranty status, volume of use, performance capabilities, and many other factors.

One key aspect of our system is the way we maintain your system. We plan a time when our engineers can routinely access your systems for maintenance purposes. This maintenance window allows us to monitor your systems and catch any possible problems before they can affect your business productivity. When problems do arise, we are just a click of the mouse away! Our engineers will be able to communicate with you over the internet and to remotely access your device immediately with time-consuming and expensive travel delays! Depending on the level of support you need, we also provide phone, email and on-site support.

KUC doesn't just do business with your company. We form a relationship with your company. Our engineers and support staff are friendly and down-to-earth who want to work with you. We will keep you informed and educated about your systems. Our engineers and technicians not only have the highest level of knowledge about all types of systems, they can teach that information to you and your employees! Even though you may interact with several of our company professionals, one specific individual will be assigned to maintain your account. This account manager is your single point of contact throughout our relationship

Wireless Networks and Technology

Most agree that wireless networking represent the future of computer and Internet connectivity worldwide. Wi-Fi continues to be the pre-eminent technology for building general-purpose wireless networks.

In computer networking, wireless technology is a modern alternative to networks that use cables. A wireless network transmits data by microwave and other radio signals.

Benefits of Networking

The benefits of networking (either wired or wireless)
  • File sharing
  • Printer / Peripheral sharing
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Internet telephone service
NOC(Network Operation Center) Service

Today, every business, no matter how small or large, needs an Internet presence. From the small town garbageman who wants to tell you he is taking one day off to the big city mayor who needs to "get the word out" so she can go on to the Senate next year, everyone wants to be on the Net.

But that's also the problem. Running servers and networks isn't your speciality and certainly not your business, and you cannot justify hiring a full-time network administrator plus all of the equipment needed to run things yourself.

That's where we come in: our business is running the network operations center for you.

KUC has been working with all types of small, mid and large businesses providing the technical support needed to keep their computers and networks running. Today, we can handle any type of business whether you are in Kuwait, UAE, US Or Europe. So you don't need the experience of running a 24x7 network as we already have it.

KUC offers a full range of services to our customers. We provide different type virtual hosting plans as well as dedicated servers with any hardware and software combination you need. If you want to put your own server in our facilities, we can co-locate it.

We also provide other services including domain registrations/name service, e-mail, file storage and transfer, streaming media, databases, e-commerce solutions and consulting services.

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